[Numpy-discussion] Reading a big netcdf file

Kiko kikocorreoso@gmail....
Wed Aug 3 11:30:29 CDT 2011


I'm trying to read a big netcdf file (445 Mb) using netcdf4-python.

The data are described as:
*The GEBCO gridded data set is stored in NetCDF as a one dimensional array
of 2-byte signed integers that represent integer elevations in metres.
The complete data set gives global coverage. It consists of 21601 x 10801
data values, one for each one minute of latitude and longitude for 233312401
The data start at position 90°N, 180°W and are arranged in bands of 360
degrees x 60 points/degree + 1 = 21601 values. The data range eastward from
180°W longitude to 180°E longitude, i.e. the 180° value is repeated.*

The problem is that it is very slow (or I am quite newbie).

Anyone has a suggestion to get these data in a numpy array in a faster way?

Thanks in advance.
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