[Numpy-discussion] PEP 3118 array size check

Angus McMorland amcmorl@gmail....
Mon Aug 8 10:27:14 CDT 2011

Hi all,

I've just upgraded to the latest numpy from git along with upgrading
Ubuntu to natty. Now some of my code, which relies on ctypes-wrapping
of data structures from a messaging system, fails with the error

"RuntimeWarning: Item size computed from the PEP 3118 buffer format
string does not match the actual item size."

Can anyone tell me if this was a change that has been added into the
git version recently, in which case I can checkout a previous version
of numpy, or if I've got to try downgrading the whole system (ergh.)


AJC McMorland
Post-doctoral research fellow
Neurobiology, University of Pittsburgh

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