[Numpy-discussion] ULONG not in UINT16, UINT32, UINT64 under 64-bit windows, is this possible?

Pearu Peterson pearu.peterson@gmail....
Mon Aug 15 07:50:40 CDT 2011


A student of mine using 32-bit numpy 1.5 under 64-bit Windows 7 noticed that
giving a numpy array with dtype=uint32 to an extension module the
following codelet would fail:

switch(PyArray_TYPE(ARR)) {
  case PyArray_UINT16: /* do smth */ break;
  case PyArray_UINT32: /* do smth */ break;
  case PyArray_UINT64: /* do smth */ break;
  default: /* raise type error exception */

The same test worked fine under Linux.

Checking the value of PyArray_TYPE(ARR) (=8) showed that it corresponds to
NPY_ULONG (when counting the items in the enum definition).

Is this situation possible where NPY_ULONG does not correspond to a 16 or 32
or 64 bit integer?
Or does this indicate a bug somewhere for this particular platform?

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