[Numpy-discussion] numpy segfaults with ctypes

Matthew Brett matthew.brett@gmail....
Fri Aug 19 15:11:40 CDT 2011


On Fri, Aug 19, 2011 at 1:04 PM, Angus McMorland <amcmorl@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm giving this email a new subject, in case that helps it catch the
> attention of someone who can fix my problem. I currently cannot
> upgrade numpy from git to any date more recent than 10 July. Git
> commit feb8079070b8a659d7ee is the first that causes the problem
> (according to github, the commit was authored by walshb and committed
> by m-paradox, in case that jogs anyone's memory). I've tried taking a
> look at the code diff, but I'm afraid I'm just a user, rather than a
> developer, and it didn't make much sense.
> My problem is that python segfaults when I run it with the following code:
>> from ctypes import Structure, c_double
>> #-- copied out of an xml2py generated file
>> class S(Structure):
>>    pass
>> S._pack_ = 4
>> S._fields_ = [
>>    ('field', c_double * 2),
>>   ]
>> #--
>> import numpy as np
>> print np.version.version
>> s = S()
>> print "S", np.asarray(s.field)

Just to say, that that commit is also the commit that causes a
segfault for np.lookfor:


The latter ticket is closed because Mark's missing-data development
branch does not have the segfault.

I guess you could try that branch and see whether it fixes the problem?

I guess also that means we'll have to merge in the missing data branch
in order to fix the problem.

See you,


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