[Numpy-discussion] the build and installation process

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Thu Aug 25 07:23:40 CDT 2011


 I would like to know a bit about how the installation process works. Could
you point me to a resource. In particular I want to know how the site.cfg
configuration works. Is it numpy/scipy specific or is it standard with
distutils. I googled for site.cfg and distutils but did not find any
authoritative document.

I believe many new users trip up on the installation process, especially in
trying to substitute their favourite library in place os the standard. So a
canonical document explaining the process will be very helpful.


does cover some of the important points but its a bit sketchy, and has a
"this is all that you need to know" flavor. Doesnt quite enable the reader
to fix his own problems. So a resource that is somewhere in between reading
up all the sources that get invoked during the installation and building,
and the current install document will be very welcome.

English is not my native language, but if there is anyway I can help, I
would do so gladly.

-- srean
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