[Numpy-discussion] NA-mask introductory documentation

Mark Wiebe mwwiebe@gmail....
Thu Aug 25 12:55:49 CDT 2011

I've written some introductory documentation for the NA-masked arrays. The
patch is here:


This is approaching the end of what I will implement for NA masks at the
moment. I think the system is quite usable as is, though it is missing a
number of major pieces like support for struct-NA, file I/O, and other
things mentioned in the release notes. On the other hand, the C API for
working with NA-masked arrays is solid and designed for future expansion to
multi-NA, and many things can be done already with the implementation. It's
also very stable and does not break ABI compatibility, so a NumPy release
with NA masks in its current state should be perfectly reasonable.

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