[Numpy-discussion] dealing with datetime UTC vs linear time

Matt Knox mattknox.ca@gmail....
Mon Jun 6 19:10:07 CDT 2011

Mark Wiebe <mwwiebe <at> gmail.com> writes:

> I guess part of the point of this work is that with
> full datetime support in NumPy the need for such conversions would be
> relatively rare, so maybe there's no real problem here.
> Yeah, as long as the calendar-related API is sufficient, I think that's true. 

I've been watching this thread for a bit with some interest. Just thought I'd
chime in quickly about this item. I use the scikits.timeseries module heavily
and converting to/from python datetime objects easily is essential for me.

I work extensively with relational databases (sql server, mysql, etc) and
all (most?) of the python database adapters use python datetime objects
when passing data back and forth from the database to python. So people wanting
to analyze date / time series data from relational databases in numpy would be
affected by this.

- Matt Knox

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