[Numpy-discussion] import numpy fails on dev build

Raymond Roberts rayvroberts@gmail....
Wed Jun 8 15:07:56 CDT 2011

numpy.__version__ == 2.0.0.dev-76ca55f
python version 2.7.1

Gentoo Linux 2.6.38-r6 installed inside of VMWare fusion on Mac OS X 10.6.7
gcc (Gentoo 4.4.5 p1.2, pie-0.4.5) 4.4.5

Build is successful. Import of numpy dev build results in the following
error message

ImportError: ~/numpy/lib/python/numpy/core/multiarray.so: undefined symbol:

Captured the output of build and nowhere is there an error or warning
related to _PyUnicodeUCS4_IsWhitespace.

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