[Numpy-discussion] fixing up datetime

Pierre GM pgmdevlist@gmail....
Thu Jun 9 01:44:40 CDT 2011

> The fact that it's a NumPy dtype probably is the biggest limiting factor preventing parameters like 'start' and 'end' during conversion. Having a datetime represent an instant in time neatly removes any ambiguity, so converting between days and seconds as a unit is analogous to converting between int32 and float32.

Back to Dave's example, '2011' is not necessarily the same instant in time as '2011-01'. The conversion from low to high frequencies requires some reference. In scikits.timeseries terms, we could assume that 'START' is the reference. No problem with that, if we can have a way to extend that (eg, through some metadata). I tried something like that in the experimental version of scikits.timeseries I was babbling about earlier...

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