[Numpy-discussion] Using multiprocessing (shared memory) with numpy array multiplication

Christopher Barker Chris.Barker@noaa....
Thu Jun 9 15:11:40 CDT 2011

Not much time, here, but since you got no replies earlier:

>      > I'm parallelizing some code I've written using the built in
>     multiprocessing
>      > module. In my application, I need to multiply many large arrays
>     together

is the matrix multiplication, or element-wise? If matrix, then numpy 
should be using LAPACK, which, depending on how its built, could be 
using all your cores already. This is heavily dependent on your your 
numpy (really the LAPACK it uses0 is built.

>      > and
>      > sum the resulting product arrays (inner products).

are you using numpy.dot() for that? If so, then the above applies to 
that as well.

I know I could look at your code to answer these questions, but I 
thought this might help.


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