[Numpy-discussion] ndarray display in ipython

Chao YUE chaoyuejoy@gmail....
Sun Jun 12 07:10:41 CDT 2011

Dear all pythoners,

Does anybody know how I can choose the default display style for the data?
like in the following case, the data are display in a scientific notation if
they are ver small.
another question is, the display fold the data in first row into several
rows if there is still space on my computer screen, how can I adjust it to a
more viewer friendly way?

In [97]: npdata

array([[  2.00300000e+03,   4.44500000e+01,   3.56600000e+02,
          8.73500000e+02,   3.12200000e+02,   5.17000000e+02,
          1.37100000e+03,   4.54600000e+02,   9.68400000e+03,
          1.89500000e+00,   3.97300000e+03,   2.04500000e+02,
          3.10200000e+02,   1.19940000e+04,   2.76800000e+03,
          1.14100000e+03,   1.00000000e+00],
       [  2.00400000e+03,   2.63600000e+01,   3.11400000e+02,
          7.65100000e+02,   2.85100000e+02,   4.53700000e+02,
          1.34700000e+03,   4.36300000e+02,   9.65400000e+03,
          1.88100000e+00,   4.07700000e+03,   2.03000000e+02,
          3.06000000e+02,   1.19180000e+04,   2.87000000e+03,
          1.17000000e+03,   1.00000000e+00],
       [  2.00500000e+03,   3.55900000e+01,   3.44500000e+02,
          8.43900000e+02,   3.08900000e+02,   4.99400000e+02,
          1.32700000e+03,   4.22500000e+02,   9.62600000e+03,
          1.89400000e+00,   4.18300000e+03,   2.04400000e+02,
          3.04600000e+02,   1.18460000e+04,   2.94800000e+03,
          1.18200000e+03,   1.00000000e+00]])

thank you very much.

Chao YUE
Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement (LSCE-IPSL)
Batiment 712 - Pe 119
91191 GIF Sur YVETTE Cedex
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