[Numpy-discussion] ndarray display in ipython

Lev Givon lev@columbia....
Sun Jun 12 08:34:35 CDT 2011

Received from Chao YUE on Sun, Jun 12, 2011 at 08:10:41AM EDT:
> Dear all pythoners,
> Does anybody know how I can choose the default display style for the data?
> like in the following case, the data are display in a scientific notation if
> they are ver small.
> another question is, the display fold the data in first row into several
> rows if there is still space on my computer screen, how can I adjust it to a
> more viewer friendly way?
> In [97]: npdata
> array([[  2.00300000e+03,   4.44500000e+01,   3.56600000e+02,
>           8.73500000e+02,   3.12200000e+02,   5.17000000e+02,
>           1.37100000e+03,   4.54600000e+02,   9.68400000e+03,
>           1.89500000e+00,   3.97300000e+03,   2.04500000e+02,
>           3.10200000e+02,   1.19940000e+04,   2.76800000e+03,
>           1.14100000e+03,   1.00000000e+00],
>        [  2.00400000e+03,   2.63600000e+01,   3.11400000e+02,
>           7.65100000e+02,   2.85100000e+02,   4.53700000e+02,
>           1.34700000e+03,   4.36300000e+02,   9.65400000e+03,
>           1.88100000e+00,   4.07700000e+03,   2.03000000e+02,
>           3.06000000e+02,   1.19180000e+04,   2.87000000e+03,
>           1.17000000e+03,   1.00000000e+00],
>        [  2.00500000e+03,   3.55900000e+01,   3.44500000e+02,
>           8.43900000e+02,   3.08900000e+02,   4.99400000e+02,
>           1.32700000e+03,   4.22500000e+02,   9.62600000e+03,
>           1.89400000e+00,   4.18300000e+03,   2.04400000e+02,
>           3.04600000e+02,   1.18460000e+04,   2.94800000e+03,
>           1.18200000e+03,   1.00000000e+00]])
> thank you very much.

Take a look at the numpy.set_printoptions function.


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