[Numpy-discussion] Adjacent matrix

Thiago Franco Moraes totonixsame@gmail....
Mon Jun 13 14:55:46 CDT 2011

Hi all,

I'm reproducing a algorithm from a paper. This paper takes as input a
binary volumetric matrix. In a step from this paper, from this binary
volumetric matrix a adjacent matrix is calculated, thisadjacent matrix
is calculated as bellow:

"Find all of the grid points in that lie adjacent to one or more grid
points of opposite values."

This is the code used to calculate that matrix:

   int x,y,z,x_,y_,z_, addr,addr2;

   for(z = 1; z < nz-1; z++)

       for(y = 1; y < ny-1; y++)

           for(x = 1; x < nx-1; x++)

               for(z_=z-1; z_ <= z+1; z_++)

                   for(y_=y-1; y_ <= y+1; y_++)

                       for(x_=x-1; x_ <= x+1; x_++)


                           addr = z*nx*ny+y*nx+x;

                           addr2 = z_*nx*ny+y_*nx+x_;

                           if(im[addr] != im[addr2])

                                out[addr] = 1;


Where nx, ny and nz are the x, y, z dimensions from the "im" input
binary matrix. I think this operation is called bwperim.

Yes, I can reproduce that code in Python. But it will not have a great
performance. My question is: Is there a way to do that using numpy or
scipy tools?


PS: Those indexing starts with 1 because it is a matlab arrays however
it is coded in C.

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