[Numpy-discussion] ANN: Numpy 1.6.1 release candidate 1

Scott Sinclair scott.sinclair.za@gmail....
Tue Jun 14 02:32:46 CDT 2011

On 13 June 2011 17:11, Derek Homeier
<derek@astro.physik.uni-goettingen.de> wrote:
> you're right - I've tried to download the tarball, but am getting connection errors or incomplete
> downloads from all available SF mirrors, and apparently I was still too thick to figure out how
> to checkout a specific tag...

I find the cleanest way is to checkout the tag in a new branch:

$ git checkout -b release/v1.6.1rc1 v1.6.1rc1
Switched to a new branch 'release/v1.6.1rc1'


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