[Numpy-discussion] [ANN] OpenOpt suite 0.34

Dmitrey tmp50@ukr....
Thu Jun 16 05:59:28 CDT 2011

 Hi all,
   I'm glad to inform you about new quarterly release 0.34 of the OOSuite
   package software (OpenOpt, FuncDesigner, SpaceFuncs, DerApproximator)

   Main changes:
   * Python 3 compatibility
   * Lots of improvements and speedup for interval calculations
   * Now interalg can obtain all solutions of nonlinear equation (example)
   or systems of them (example) in the involved box lb_i <= x_i <= ub_i
   (bounds can be very large), possibly constrained (e.g. sin(x) +
   cos(y+x) > 0.5).
   * Many other improvements and speedup for interalg.

   See http://forum.openopt.org/viewtopic.php?id=425 for more details.

   Regards, D.
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