[Numpy-discussion] datetime pull request for review and build/test

Mark Wiebe mwwiebe@gmail....
Mon Jun 20 19:38:28 CDT 2011


The summary:

* Tighten up date unit vs time unit casting rules, and integrate the
NPY_CASTING enum deeper into the datetime conversions
* Determine a unit when converting from a string array, similar to when
converting from lists of strings
* Switch local/utc handling to a timezone= parameter, which also accepts a
datetime.tzinfo object. This, for example, enables the use of the pytz
library with numpy.datetime64
* Remove the events metadata, make the old API functions raise exceptions,
and rename the "frequency" metadata name to "timeunit"
* Abstract the flexible dtype mechanism into a function, so that it can be
more easily changed without having to add code to many places

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