[Numpy-discussion] [ANN] Numerical integration with guaranteed precision by interalg

Dmitrey tmp50@ukr....
Fri Jun 24 14:55:09 CDT 2011

 Hi all,
   some ideas implemented in the solver interalg (INTERval ALGorithm)
   that already turn out to be more effective than its competitors in
   numerical optimization (benchmark) appears to be extremely effective
   in numerical integration with guaranteed precision.
   Here are some examples where interalg works perfectly while
   scipy.integrate solvers fail to solve the problems and lie about
   obtained residual:

     * 1-D (vs scipy.integrate quad)

     > * 2-D (vs scipy.integrate dblquad)

     > * 3-D (vs scipy.integrate tplquad)


   see http://openopt.org/IP for more details.
   Regards, D.
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