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On Wed, Mar 16, 2011 at 17:46, Dag Sverre Seljebotn <
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> On 03/16/2011 10:14 PM, william ratcliff wrote:
> > Related to this, what is the status of fwrap?  Can it be used with
> > fortran 95/2003 language features?  There is a rather large code
> > crystallographic codebase (fullprof) that is written in fortran 77
> > that the author has been porting to fortran 95/2003 and actually using
> > modules for.  I'd like to write python bindings for it to make it more
> > scriptable...
> Fwrap 0.1.1 is out; it supports a subset of Fortran 95/2003, biggest
> limitation being modules not being present.
> Since then there's been quite a few unreleased improvements (like a much
> better and more flexible build based on waf instead of distutils).
Does Fwrap support SCons?  I use SCons everywhere :)

Building binaries with distutil is annoying to me, and that's one of the
reasons for me to stop using f2py.

I am very interested in interfacing binaries with Python.  I also started a
thread for this topic at Convore:
https://convore.com/python-scientific-computing/mixing-languages-with-python/ .
 For those who might not know, as a result of discussion at the recent PyCon
scientific computing BOF, some people started an initiative for an online
scientific community focusing on broader application of Python, not
specifically to any Python package such as NumPy or SciPy.  The Convore
group is an early attempt.  You can find some context in the following


> I'm currently working on module support. Or, was ... I've put in a week
> this month, but then some simulation results grabbed my attention and I
> got derailed. Finishing up module support and making an Fwrap 0.2
> release is #2 on my "stack" of things to work on, and once I get around
> to it I expect it to take about a week. So I think it will happen :-)
> If you (or anyone else) want to get involved and put in a day or two to
> help with polishing (command line interface, writing tests,
> documentation...) just email me.
> Dag Sverre
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