[Numpy-discussion] when numpy in Linux apt will be updated? It's still 1.3.0 with many bugs

Mic J michael.cognacc@gmail....
Thu Mar 24 08:19:09 CDT 2011

> Thanks for all those instructions, however, personally I don't need them, I
> have sucseeded with my own manipulations and even if I wouldn't I always can
> build numpy/scipy from sources.
> I mere care for quality and easibility of numpy installation for ordinary
> non-skilled users. They may just try installation, see that it's buggy and
> move away to use another soft.

Rest assured that "non-ordinary" users like me also get irritated when
we have to do extra work to get something to work/install
when we want to try something out, its a waste of our time and
resources if we have to do it often.

Those problems might "always" be there in some degree, i have numpy
installed on debian, fedora, and archlinux.
Where there was no problems with the easy_install or package system
install on those system (this time)
But it will always happen at some time or another (as it did for me
with install of other software via easy_install, rst2pdf and sphinx
comes to mind)
But that is a bug with the installation system not with the numpy
package(you said 1.3.1 nupy had many bugs !?).

A new user might move on to something other, but the reality is that
problems like that crop up at some time,
unless you have relatively static install.
If the user moves on then he probably doesnt have a specific need for
numpy, but just for something that can do
the same job for his task. (it's unfortunate that he/we can't try it
out without messing about).

> D.


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