[Numpy-discussion] what python module to modify NetCDF data?

Chao YUE chaoyuejoy@gmail....
Sat Oct 8 09:45:06 CDT 2011

Dear all,

I want to change some variable values in a series of NetCDF file. Did
anybody else did this before using python?
Now I use pupynere for reading data from NetCDF files and making plots. but
the document of pupynere for writing data to NetCDF file is quite simple and
I still feel difficult to do this with pupynere.

the NetCDF file I want to change is a global data (0.5X0.5d resolution,
360X720grid with 12 time steps) and have approx. 10 variables. I just want
to change some points for a specific
variable for all 12 time steps. I know it's possible use NCO ncap2 utility
to do the job. but now I have some problem in using ncap2 within a shell
I guess there is some easy way to use some python module to do the job? like
mainly altering the data that need to change while let the others remaining

Any idea will be greatly appreciated. I will all a good weekend,


Chao YUE
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