[Numpy-discussion] what python module to modify NetCDF data?

Vicente Sole sole@esrf...
Sat Oct 8 10:57:14 CDT 2011


I have never seen myself a NetCDF file but if your NetCDF file is  
using HDF5 as format (possible since NetCDF 4 if I am not mistaken),  
you should be able to use h5py or PyTables to access and or modify it.

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Quoting Chao YUE <chaoyuejoy@gmail.com>:

> Dear all,
> I want to change some variable values in a series of NetCDF file. Did
> anybody else did this before using python?
> Now I use pupynere for reading data from NetCDF files and making plots. but
> the document of pupynere for writing data to NetCDF file is quite simple and
> I still feel difficult to do this with pupynere.
> the NetCDF file I want to change is a global data (0.5X0.5d resolution,
> 360X720grid with 12 time steps) and have approx. 10 variables. I just want
> to change some points for a specific
> variable for all 12 time steps. I know it's possible use NCO ncap2 utility
> to do the job. but now I have some problem in using ncap2 within a shell
> script.
> I guess there is some easy way to use some python module to do the job? like
> mainly altering the data that need to change while let the others remaining
> intact?
> Any idea will be greatly appreciated. I will all a good weekend,
> Chao
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