[Numpy-discussion] NumPy foundations

Linus Jundén linus.junden@gmail....
Thu Oct 13 08:03:17 CDT 2011

Hello everyone!

I am about to make a NumPy presentation for my colleges in about a
week. I want to tell them something about the history of the library
and what kind of code it relies on. While researching and preparing
for this presentation I found it very hard to find information about
the origins of the numeric code. I might of course dive into the
source code itself but thought that someone else might have the same
questions. That's what the list is for, right?

Is NumPy based on some external code like e.g. BLAS, LAPACK etc or is
it coded from scratch? Anyone out there that can settle the question?

Linus Jundén
Umeå University, Sweden

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