[Numpy-discussion] wanted: decent matplotlib alternative

Christoph Groth cwg@falma...
Thu Oct 13 13:58:25 CDT 2011


Is it just me who thinks that matplotlib is ugly and a pain to use?  So
far I haven't found a decent alternative usable from within python.  (I
haven't tried all the packages out there.)  I'm mostly interested in 2d
plots.  Who is happy enough with a numpy-compatible plotting package to
recommend it?



A few things I can't stand about matplotlib:

 * It works as a state machine.  (There is an OO-API, too, but it's ugly
   and cumbersome to use, and most examples use the state machine mode
   or, even worse, a mixture of OO and global state.)

 * It uses inches by default. (I propose to switch to nails: 1 nail = 3
   digits = 2 1/4 inches = 1/16 yard.)

 * subplot(211)  (ugh!)

 * Concepts are named in a confusing way. ("ax = subplot(112)" anyone?)

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