[Numpy-discussion] float128 / longdouble on PPC - is it broken?

Matthew Brett matthew.brett@gmail....
Mon Oct 24 23:59:25 CDT 2011


I just ran into this on a PPC machine:

In [1]: import numpy as np

In [2]: np.__version__
Out[2]: '2.0.0.dev-4daf949'

In [3]: res = np.longdouble(2)**64

In [4]: res
Out[4]: 18446744073709551616.0

In [5]: 2**64
Out[5]: 18446744073709551616L

In [6]: res-1
Out[6]: 36893488147419103231.0

Same for numpy 1.4.1.

I don't have a SPARC to test on but I believe it's the same double-double type?

See you,


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