[Numpy-discussion] NA masks in the next numpy release?

Han Genuit hangenuit@gmail....
Tue Oct 25 01:44:37 CDT 2011

Well, if I may have a say, I think that an open source project is
especially open when users as developers can contribute to the code
base and can participate in discussions on how to improve the existing
designs and ideas. I do not think a project is open when it crumbles
down into politics.. I have seen a lot of work done by Mark especially
to ensure that everyone had a say in what he was doing, up to the
point where this might not be fun anymore. And from what I can see at
the time, which was back in August, everyone has had plenty of
opportunity to discuss or contribute to the specific changes that were

This was an open contribution to the NumPy code, not some cooked up
shady business by high and mighty developers and I, for one, am happy
with how it turned out.

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