[Numpy-discussion] consensus

Jason Grout jason-sage@creativetrax....
Sat Oct 29 21:58:13 CDT 2011

On 10/29/11 5:02 PM, Olivier Delalleau wrote:
> I haven't been following the discussion closely, but wouldn't it be instead:
> a.mask[0:2] = True?
> It's something that I actually find a bit difficult to get right in the
> current numpy.ma <http://numpy.ma> implementation: I would find more
> intuitive to have True for "valid" data, and False for invalid / missing
> / ... I realize how the implementation makes sense (and is appropriate
> given that the name is "mask"), but I just thought I'd point this out...
> even if it's just me ;)

Just a thought: what if this also worked:


as a synonym for a.mask[0:2]=True?

Would that be less confusing, and/or would it be less powerful or 
extensible in important ways?


Jason Grout

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