[Numpy-discussion] Reason behind C_ABI_VERSION so high

Sandro Tosi morph@debian....
Mon Oct 31 14:02:24 CDT 2011

in Debian we're trying to define a way to handle numpy transitions
more smoothly (you can read the proposal, if interested, at

In order to do that, we'd like to use the C_API_VERSION and
C_ABI_VERSION values; while for C_API_VERSION we can see it's a quite
small value, with a clear history at
./numpy/core/code_generators/cversions.txt , we don't have quite clear
why C_ABI_VERSION is such a high value and how it would be

Could you please shine some light on it? can we, f.e., just take 6 for
API and 9 for ABI and be sure we're seeing them incremented to 7 and
10 (respectively) when needed? C_ABI_VERSION is incremented in a
different way?

Sandro Tosi (aka morph, morpheus, matrixhasu)
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