[Numpy-discussion] numpy.sum(..., keepdims=False)

David Warde-Farley d.warde.farley@gmail....
Wed Apr 4 15:59:22 CDT 2012

On 2012-04-03, at 4:10 PM, Frédéric Bastien wrote:

> I would like to add this parameter to Theano. So my question is, will
> the interface change or is it stable?

To elaborate on what Fred said, in Theano we try to offer the same functions/methods as NumPy does with the same arguments and same behaviour, except operating on our symbolic proxies instead of actual NumPy arrays; we try to break compatibility only when absolutely necessary. 

It would be great if someone (probably Mark?) could chime in as to whether this is here to stay, regardless of the NA business. This also seems like a good candidate for a backport to subsequent NumPy 1.x releases rather than reserving it for 2.x.


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