[Numpy-discussion] Slice specified axis

Tony Yu tsyu80@gmail....
Thu Apr 5 14:52:03 CDT 2012

Is there a way to slice an nd-array along a specified axis? It's easy to
slice along a fixed axis, e.g.:

axis = 0:
>>> array[start:end]

axis = 1:
>>> array[:, start:end]

But I need to do this inside of a function that accepts arrays of any
dimension, and the user can operate on any axis of the array. My current
solution looks like the following:

>>> aslice = lambda axis, s, e: (slice(None),) * axis + (slice(s, e),)
>>> array[aslice(axis, start, end)]

which works, but I'm guessing that numpy has a more readable way of doing
this that I've overlooked.

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