[Numpy-discussion] YouTrack testbed

Hans-Martin v. Gaudecker hmgaudecker@gmail....
Thu Apr 12 13:21:22 CDT 2012

On 12.04.2012, at 18:38, numpy-discussion-request@scipy.org wrote:

>>> Redmine does look good from a quick browse (better view, does display
>>> diffs). It would be good to get the opinions of a few more people on this
>>> topic.
>> Redmine is "trac on RoR", but it solves two significant issues over trac:
>>  - mass edit (e.g. moving things to a new mileston is simple and doable
>> from the UI)
>>  - REST API by default, so that we can build simple command line tools on
>> top of it (this changed since I made the wiki page)
>> It is a PITA to install, though, at least if you are not familiar with
>> ruby, and I heard it is hard to manage as well.
> Thanks, that's a clear description of pros and cons. It's also easy to play
> with Redmine at demo.redmine.org. That site allows you to set up a new
> project and try the admin interface.
> My current list of preferences is:
> 1. Redmine (if admin overhead is not unreasonable)
> 2. Trac with performance issues solved
> 3. Github
> 4. YouTrack
> 5. Trac with current performance

I've been running a Redmine server for a couple of years now, managing lots of small scientific projects. Setup was not trivial back then but if you can manage to run it under Ubuntu it should install smoothly, there seems to be a package for it nowadays. 

Maintenance has been practically zero over the period. Except for one issue during setup that doesn't apply to NumPy (automatic creation of a Subversion repository when a project is created), I never noticed the fact that it is written in Ruby.

The overall experience has been much nicer than with Trac, but I can't comment much on the advanced issue tracker functionality, which seems to be the crucial point here.


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