[Numpy-discussion] Removing masked arrays for 1.7? (Was 1.7 blockers)

Fernando Perez fperez.net@gmail....
Tue Apr 17 14:04:29 CDT 2012

On Tue, Apr 17, 2012 at 11:40 AM, Matthew Brett <matthew.brett@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm glad to hear that discussion is happening, but please do have it
> on list.   If it's off list it easy for people to feel they are being
> bypassed, and that the public discussion is not important.

I'm afraid I have to disagree: you seem to be proposing an absolute,
'zero-tolerance'-style policy against any off-list discussion.  The
only thing ZT policies achieve is to remove common sense and human
judgement from a process, invariably causing more harm than they do
good, no matter how well intentioned.

There are perfectly reasonable cases where a quick phone call may be a
more effective and sensible way to work than an on-list discussion.
The question isn't whether someone, somewhere, had an off-list
discussion or not; it's whether *the main decision making process* is
being handled transparently or not.

I trust that Nathaniel and Travis had a sensible reason to speak
off-list; as long as it appears clear that the *decisions about numpy*
are being made via public discussion with room for all necessary input
and confrontation of disparate viewpoints, I don't care what they talk
about in private.

In IPython, I am constantly fielding private emails that I very often
refer to the list because they make more sense there, but I also have
off-list discussions when I consider that to be the right thing to do.
 And I certainly hope nobody ever asks me to *never* have an off-list
discussion.  I try very hard to ensure that the direction of the
project is very transparent, with redundant points (people) of access
to critical resources and a good vetting of key decisions with public
input (e.g. our first IPEP at
https://github.com/ipython/ipython/issues/1611).  If I am failing at
that, I hope people will call me out *on that point*, but not on
whether I ever pick up the phone or email to talk about IPython

Let's try to trust for one minute that the actual decisions will be
made here with solid debate and project-wide input, and seek change
only if we have evidence that this isn't happening (not evidence of a
meta-problem that isn't a problem here).



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