[Numpy-discussion] What is consensus anyway

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Tue Apr 24 08:43:48 CDT 2012


Le 24/04/2012 15:14, Charles R Harris a écrit :
> a) All arrays should be implicitly masked, even if the mask isn't
> initially allocated. The maskna keyword can then be removed, taking
> with it the sense that there are two kinds of arrays.

From my lazy user perspective, having masked and non-masked arrays share
the same "look and feel" would be a number one advantage over the
existing numpy.ma arrays. I would like masked array to be as transparent
as possible.

> b) There needs to be a distinction between missing and ignore. The
> mechanism for this is already in place in the payload type, although
> it isn't clear to me that that is uniformly used in all the NA code.
> There is also a place for missing *and* ignored. Which leads to

If the idea of having two payloads is to avoid a maximum of "skipna &
friends" extra keywords, I would like it much. My feeling with my small
experience with R is that I end up calling every function with a
different magical set of keywords (na.rm, na.action, ... and I forgot).

My 2 lazy user cents...


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