[Numpy-discussion] What is consensus anyway

Alan G Isaac alan.isaac@gmail....
Wed Apr 25 16:04:22 CDT 2012

On 4/25/2012 4:51 PM, Andreas H. wrote:
> I would assume that most users see numpy
> as infrastructure, they write their own code on top of it. As a normal
> user of numpy, I wouldn't know where it would need improvement to suit
> my needs because it already does all I need. (Okay, masked arrays are
> something which could definitely improve, but that's another story.)
> This is different from other, higher-level FOSS projects,

Thank you Andreas.  I was debating whether to explain exactly this,
to point out that I found Matthew's question inappropriately aggressive,
or both. Now I can do both in a flash.

But I find I would also like to once again say thank you to the
developers, who have given us an amazing piece of software.
I would add that I am impressed by the deep respect they show
each other even when dealing with hard issues.

Alan Isaac
Just another grateful user for many years.

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