[Numpy-discussion] What is consensus anyway

srean srean.list@gmail....
Thu Apr 26 13:53:50 CDT 2012

> Patches languishing on Trac is a real problem. The issue here is not at all
> about not wanting those patches,

Oh yes I am sure of that, in the past it had not been clear what more
is necessary to get them pulled in, or how to go about satisfying the
requirements. The document you mailed on the scipy list goes a long
way in addressing those issues. So thanks a lot. In fact it might be a
good idea to add the link to it in the signature of the mail that trac
replies with.

 but just about the overhead of getting them
> reviewed/fixed/committed. This problem has more or less disappeared with
> Github; there are very few PRs that are just sitting there.
> As for existing patches on Trac, if you or anyone else has an interest in
> one of them, checking that patch for test coverage / documentation and
> resubmitting it as a PR would be a massive help.
> Ralf

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