[Numpy-discussion] Issue Tracking

Travis Oliphant travis@continuum...
Mon Apr 30 18:31:50 CDT 2012

Hey all,

We have been doing some investigation of various approaches to issue tracking.      The last time the conversation left this list was with Ralf's current list of preferences as:

1) Redmine
2) Trac 
3) Github

Since that time, Maggie who has been doing a lot of work settting up various issue tracking tools over the past couple of months, has set up a redmine instance and played with it.   This is a possibility as a future issue tracker. 

However, today I took a hard look at what the IPython folks are doing with their issue tracker and was very impressed by the level of community integration that having issues tracked by Github provides.    Right now, we have a major community problem in that there are 3 conversations taking place (well at least 2 1/2).   One on Github, one on this list, and one on the Trac and it's accompanying wiki.    

I would like to propose just using Github's issue tracker.    This just seems like the best move overall for us at this point.    I like how the Pull Request mechanism integrates with the issue tracking.    We could setup a Redmine instance but this would just re-create the same separation of communities that currently exists with the pull-requests, the mailing list, and the Trac pages.   Redmine is nicer than Trac, but it's still a separate space.   We need to make Github the NumPy developer hub and not have it spread throughout several sites.   

The same is true of SciPy.    I think if SciPy also migrates to use Github issues, then together with IPython we can really be a voice that helps Github.   I will propose to NumFOCUS that the Foundation sponsor migration of the Trac to Github for NumPy and SciPy.    If anyone would like to be involved in this migration project, please let me know. 

Comments, concerns?


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