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Mon Apr 30 22:28:01 CDT 2012

On Mon, Apr 30, 2012 at 5:31 PM, Travis Oliphant <travis@continuum.io>wrote:

> Hey all,
> We have been doing some investigation of various approaches to issue
> tracking.      The last time the conversation left this list was with
> Ralf's current list of preferences as:
> 1) Redmine
> 2) Trac
> 3) Github
> Since that time, Maggie who has been doing a lot of work settting up
> various issue tracking tools over the past couple of months, has set up a
> redmine instance and played with it.   This is a possibility as a future
> issue tracker.
> However, today I took a hard look at what the IPython folks are doing with
> their issue tracker and was very impressed by the level of community
> integration that having issues tracked by Github provides.    Right now, we
> have a major community problem in that there are 3 conversations taking
> place (well at least 2 1/2).   One on Github, one on this list, and one on
> the Trac and it's accompanying wiki.
> I would like to propose just using Github's issue tracker.    This just
> seems like the best move overall for us at this point.    I like how the
> Pull Request mechanism integrates with the issue tracking.    We could
> setup a Redmine instance but this would just re-create the same separation
> of communities that currently exists with the pull-requests, the mailing
> list, and the Trac pages.   Redmine is nicer than Trac, but it's still a
> separate space.   We need to make Github the NumPy developer hub and not
> have it spread throughout several sites.
> The same is true of SciPy.    I think if SciPy also migrates to use Github
> issues, then together with IPython we can really be a voice that helps
> Github.   I will propose to NumFOCUS that the Foundation sponsor migration
> of the Trac to Github for NumPy and SciPy.    If anyone would like to be
> involved in this migration project, please let me know.
There is a group where I work that purchased the enterprise version of
github. But they still use trac. I think Ralf's opinion should count for a
fair amount here, since the tracker is important for releases and
backports. Having a good connection between commits and tickets is also
very helpful, although sticking with github might be better there. The
issue tracker isn't really intended as social media and I find the
notifications from trac sufficient.

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