[Numpy-discussion] Heads up and macro deprecation.

Charles R Harris charlesr.harris@gmail....
Wed Feb 1 14:53:25 CST 2012

Hi All,

Two things here.

1) Some macros for threading and the iterator now require a trailing
semicolon. This change will be reverted before the 1.7 release so that
scipy 0.10 will compile, but because it is desirable in the long term it
would be helpful if folks maintaining c extensions using numpy would try
compiling them against current development and adding the semicolon where
needed. The added semicolon will be backward compatible with earlier
versions of numpy.

2) It is proposed to deprecate all of the macros in the old_defines.h file
and require the use of their replacements. Numpy itself will have made this
change after pull-189 <https://github.com/numpy/numpy/pull/189> is merged
and getting rid of the surplus macros will help clean up the historical
detritus that has built up over the years, easing maintenance, clarifying
code, and making the eventual transition to 2.0 a bit easier. There is a
sed script in the tools directory as part of the pull request that can be
used to make the needed substitutions.


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