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>>> Hi All,
>>> I thought I'd raise this topic just to get some ideas out there. At the
>>> moment I see two areas that I'd like to see addressed.
>>>    1. Documentation editor. This would involve looking at the generated
>>>    documentation and it's organization/coverage as well such things as style
>>>    and maybe reviewing stuff on the documentation site. This would be more
>>>    technical writing than coding.
>>>    2. Test coverage. There are a lot of areas of numpy that are not
>>>    well tested as well as some tests that are still doc tests and should
>>>    probably be updated. This is a substantial amount of work and would require
>>>    some familiarity with numpy as well as a willingness to ping developers for
>>>    clarification of some topics.
>>> Thoughts?
>> First thought: very useful, but probably not GSOC topics by themselves.
>> For a very good student, I'd think topics like implementing NA bit masks
>> or improved user-defined dtypes would be interesting. In SciPy there's also
>> a lot to do, and that's probably a better project for students who prefer
>> to work in Python.
> Besides NA bit masks, the new iterator isn't used in a lot of places it
> could be. Maybe replacing all uses of the old iterator? I'll admit, that
> smacks more of maintenance than developing new code and might be a hard
> sell.
> That does smell like maintenance.

I've cleaned up http://projects.scipy.org/scipy/wiki/SummerofCodeIdeas and
added the idea on missing data. It would be useful to describe new ideas
there well, not as a single bullet. Maybe also add potential mentors? And
once we have some more ideas, link to it from scipy.org?

Is anyone keeping an eye on the relevant channels to get involved this
year? Previously Jarrod was doing that.

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