[Numpy-discussion] dtype related deprecations

Erin Sheldon erin.sheldon@gmail....
Sun Feb 5 09:57:19 CST 2012

Excerpts from Mark Wiebe's message of Sat Feb 04 18:24:58 -0500 2012:
> The names issue is a bit trickier. There has been some back and forth in
> some tickets, and I recall some discussion on the mailing list, but that
> may be long ago and without clear resolution. That this should be changed
> is however very clear to me, because NumPy is violating a definition in the
> Python documentation of what rules hashable objects should obey. The
> trouble is that there isn't a convenience API written yet to replace the
> usage of that mutability. Perhaps the thing to do is comment out the
> deprecation warning in the source code, and reintroduce it in 1.8 along
> with a replacement API appropriate for immutable dtypes?

I think we need *some* way to rename fields without making a copy of the
data.  I often must read from standardized file formats where I can only
change the names after the fact.  If we deprecate this I would have to
make a copy of the data in memory to alter names, which would be
prohibitive for large arrays that use >= half the memory.

Erin Scott Sheldon
Brookhaven National Laboratory

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