[Numpy-discussion] Logical indexing and higher-dimensional arrays.

Sturla Molden sturla@molden...
Wed Feb 8 09:08:29 CST 2012

On 08.02.2012 15:11, Olivier Delalleau wrote:

>  From a user perspective, I would definitely prefer cross-product
> semantics for fancy indexing. In fact, I had never used fancy indexing
> with more than one array index, so the behavior described in this thread
> totally baffled me. If for instance x is a matrix, I think it's
> intuitive to expect x[0:2, 0:2] and x[[0, 1], [0, 1]] to return the same
> data.

I think most would prefer cross-product semantics. We might be copying a 
bad feature of Matlab. Maybe we should just disallow fancy indexing with 
more than one dimension, e.g. array[X,Y] with X and Y from meshgrid. It 
might be that the kind of result x[[0, 1],[0, 1]] produces today is 
better left to a function, e.g. np.meshselect(x, *indices). Then we 
could just require that all arguments passed to *indices have the same 


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