[Numpy-discussion] Creating parallel curves

Andrea Gavana andrea.gavana@gmail....
Fri Feb 10 10:38:00 CST 2012

Hi All,

    my apologies for my deep ignorance about math stuff; I guess I
should be able to find this out but I keep getting impossible results.

Basically I have a set of x, y data (around 1,000 elements each) and I
want to create 2 parallel "curves" (offset curves) to the original
one; "parallel" means curves which are displaced from the base curve
by a constant offset, either positive or negative, in the direction of
the curve's normal. Something like this:


The point in the x variable are monotonically increasing.

For every point in the curve, I also have the angle this point creates
to the vertical (y) direction, so I naively thought of doing this:

    angles = numpy.deg2rad(angles)

    x_low = x - DISTANCE*numpy.cos(angles)
    y_low = y + DISTANCE*numpy.sin(angles)

    x_high = x + DISTANCE*numpy.cos(angles)
    y_high = y - DISTANCE*numpy.sin(angles)

But by plotting these thing out with matplotlib it seems to me they
don't really look very parallel nor very constant-distance. I admit
the matplotlib axis scales can play a significant role here, but I was
wondering if some of you could spot my dumb mistake (and maybe provide
a way to nicely take into account the different scales of the
matplotlib axes so that the curves really look parallel...).

Thank you in advance for any suggestion.


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