[Numpy-discussion] can_cast with structured array output - bug?

Matthew Brett matthew.brett@gmail....
Mon Feb 13 19:20:52 CST 2012


I've also just noticed this oddity:

In [17]: np.can_cast('c', 'u1')
Out[17]: False

OK so far, but...

In [18]: np.can_cast('c', [('f1', 'u1')])
Out[18]: True

In [19]: np.can_cast('c', [('f1', 'u1')], 'safe')
Out[19]: True

In [20]: np.can_cast(np.ones(10, dtype='c'), [('f1', 'u1')])
Out[20]: True

I think this must be a bug.

In the other direction, it makes more sense to me:

In [24]: np.can_cast([('f1', 'u1')], 'c')
Out[24]: False

In [25]: np.can_cast([('f1', 'u1')], [('f1', 'u1')])
Out[25]: True



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