[Numpy-discussion] Numpy governance update

Chris Barker chris.barker@noaa....
Thu Feb 16 11:38:38 CST 2012

On Wed, Feb 15, 2012 at 1:36 PM, Matthew Brett
> Personally, I
> would say that making the founder of a company, which is > working to
> make money from Numpy, the only decision maker on numpy -
> is - scary.

not to me:
 -- power always goes to those that actually write the code
 -- as far as I can recall, there has never been a large group of
folks contributing to the core code

so have a company being the primary contributor and decision maker is
no different that what we've always had -- particularly when Travis
pretty much single-handedly re-factored Numeric to give us numpy.

Oh -- one difference -- having a company with more that one coder
means more code!

If continuum does indeed develop a bloated, ugly mess to meet their
client's needs -- none of us have to use it.


> But maybe it's the best way.   But, again, we're all high-functioning
> sensible people, I'm sure it's possible for us to formulate what the
> risks are, what the potential solutions are, and come up with the best
> - maybe short-term - solution,
> See you,
> Matthew
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