[Numpy-discussion] Buildbot/continuous integration (was Re: Issue Tracking)

Chris Ball ceball@gmail....
Thu Feb 16 17:52:00 CST 2012

Ralf Gommers <ralf.gommers <at> googlemail.com> writes: 
> While we're at it, our buildbot situation is much worse than our issue
> tracker situation. This also looks good (and free):
> http://www.jetbrains.com/teamcity/

I'd like to help with the NumPy Buildbot situation, and below I propose
a plan for myself to do this. However, I realize there are people who
know more about continuous integration than I do. So, if someone is
already planning to do something, I'd be happy to help with a different
plan instead!

I know how to set up and run Buildbot (and how much effort that takes),
but I'm not familiar with the alternatives, so I can only propose one
concrete plan:

I'll find a machine on which to run a build master, then start to add
slaves (real machines or virtual machines). At first I'll focus on the
NumPy master branch, (a) testing it over different operating systems and
versions of Python and (b) reporting things such as test coverage. I'll
keep the Buildbot configuration in a github project, along with
documentation (in case I disappear...).

After getting to this initial stage, I'll discuss about adding more
features (such as testing pull requests, performance testing, building
binaries on the different operating systems, etc). Also, if it's working
well, this Buildbot setup could replace/be merged with the one at
buildbot.scipy.org (I don't know who is currently running that).

Buildbot is used by some big projects (e.g. Python, Chromium, and
Mozilla), but I'm aware that several projects in the scientific/numeric
Python ecosystem use Jenkins (including Cython, IPython, and SymPy),
often using a hosted Jenkins solution such as Shining Panda. A difficult
part of running a Buildbot service is finding hardware for the slaves
and keeping them alive, so a hosted solution sounds wonderful (assuming
hosted solutions offer an adequate range of operating systems etc).
Also, earlier in the "Issue Tracking" thread some commercial packages
were mentioned; I don't know anything about those. So, as I said at the
beginning, if someone is already planning to do something (or wants to)
I'd be happy to help with a different plan instead! Otherwise, I can
proceed with the plan I suggested.


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