[Numpy-discussion] Buildbot/continuous integration (was Re: Issue Tracking)

Travis Oliphant travis@continuum...
Thu Feb 16 18:01:46 CST 2012

We never turn down good help like this.  Thank's Chris.   I have applied for an unlimited license for TeamCity for the NumPy project.   I have heard good things about TeamCity, although getting the slaves cranking and staying cranking is the goal and not the CI architecture.    If you know build-bot, it's a good place to start.  

I have heard very positive things about Jenkins.   I also think that hosted solutions are going to be easier to manage over time.  But, your offer is very generous. 


On Feb 16, 2012, at 5:52 PM, Chris Ball wrote:

> Ralf Gommers <ralf.gommers <at> googlemail.com> writes: 
> ...
>> While we're at it, our buildbot situation is much worse than our issue
>> tracker situation. This also looks good (and free):
>> http://www.jetbrains.com/teamcity/
> I'd like to help with the NumPy Buildbot situation, and below I propose
> a plan for myself to do this. However, I realize there are people who
> know more about continuous integration than I do. So, if someone is
> already planning to do something, I'd be happy to help with a different
> plan instead!
> I know how to set up and run Buildbot (and how much effort that takes),
> but I'm not familiar with the alternatives, so I can only propose one
> concrete plan:
> I'll find a machine on which to run a build master, then start to add
> slaves (real machines or virtual machines). At first I'll focus on the
> NumPy master branch, (a) testing it over different operating systems and
> versions of Python and (b) reporting things such as test coverage. I'll
> keep the Buildbot configuration in a github project, along with
> documentation (in case I disappear...).
> After getting to this initial stage, I'll discuss about adding more
> features (such as testing pull requests, performance testing, building
> binaries on the different operating systems, etc). Also, if it's working
> well, this Buildbot setup could replace/be merged with the one at
> buildbot.scipy.org (I don't know who is currently running that).
> Buildbot is used by some big projects (e.g. Python, Chromium, and
> Mozilla), but I'm aware that several projects in the scientific/numeric
> Python ecosystem use Jenkins (including Cython, IPython, and SymPy),
> often using a hosted Jenkins solution such as Shining Panda. A difficult
> part of running a Buildbot service is finding hardware for the slaves
> and keeping them alive, so a hosted solution sounds wonderful (assuming
> hosted solutions offer an adequate range of operating systems etc).
> Also, earlier in the "Issue Tracking" thread some commercial packages
> were mentioned; I don't know anything about those. So, as I said at the
> beginning, if someone is already planning to do something (or wants to)
> I'd be happy to help with a different plan instead! Otherwise, I can
> proceed with the plan I suggested.
> Chris
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