[Numpy-discussion] Numpy governance update

David Warde-Farley wardefar@iro.umontreal...
Thu Feb 16 18:51:35 CST 2012

On 2012-02-16, at 1:28 PM, Charles R Harris wrote:

> I think this is a good point, which is why the idea of a long term release is appealing. That release should be stodgy and safe, while the ongoing development can be much more radical in making changes.

I sort of thought this *was* the state of affairs re: NumPy 2.0.

> And numpy really does need a fairly radical rewrite, just to clarify and simplify the base code easier if nothing else. New features I'm more leery about, at least until the code base is improved, which would be my short term priority.

As someone who has now thrice ventured into the NumPy C code (twice to add features, once to fix a nasty bug I encountered) I simply could not agree more. While it's not a completely hopeless exercise for someone comfortable with C to get themselves acquainted with NumPy's C internals, the code base as is could be simpler. 

A refactoring and *documentation* effort would be a good way to get more people contributing to this side of NumPy. I believe the suggestion of seeing more of the C moved to Cython has also been floated before.


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