[Numpy-discussion] Numpy governance update

Francesc Alted francesc@continuum...
Fri Feb 17 03:35:31 CST 2012

On Feb 17, 2012, at 5:20 AM, John Hunter wrote:
> And he has proven his ability to lead when *almost everyone* was
> against him.  At the height of the Numeric/numarray split, and I was
> deeply involved in this as the mpl author because we had a "numerix"
> compatibility layer to allow users to use one or the other, Travis
> proposed writing numpy to solve both camp's problems.  I really can't
> remember a single individual who supported him.  What I remember is
> the cacophony of voices who though this was a bad idea, because of the
> "third fork" problem.  But Travis forged ahead, on his own, wrote
> numpy, and re-united the Numeric and numarray camps.

Thanks John for including this piece of NumPy history in this context.  My voice was part of the "cacophony" about the "third fork" problem back in 2005.  I was pretty darn uncomfortable on the perspective of adding support for a third numerical package on PyTables.  However, Travis started to work with all engines powered on, and in a few months he had built a thing that was overly better than Numeric and numarray together.  The rest is history.  But I remember this period (2005) as one of the most dramatic examples on how the capacity and dedication of a single individual can shape the world.

-- Francesc Alted

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