[Numpy-discussion] Proposed Roadmap Overview

Pauli Virtanen pav@iki...
Fri Feb 17 05:41:33 CST 2012


16.02.2012 23:39, Travis Oliphant kirjoitti:
> 	* NumPy 1.8 to come out in July which will have as many ABI-compatible feature enhancements as we can add while improving test coverage and code cleanup.   I will post to this list more details of what we plan to address with it later.    Included for possible inclusion are: 
> 	* resolving the NA/missing-data issues
> 	* finishing group-by
> 	* incorporating the start of label arrays
> 	* incorporating a meta-object 
> 	* a few new dtypes (variable-length string, varialbe-length unicode and an enum type)
> 	* adding ufunc support for flexible dtypes and possibly structured arrays
> 	* allowing generalized ufuncs to work on more kinds of arrays besides just contiguous
> 	* improving the ability for NumPy to receive JIT-generated function pointers for ufuncs and other calculation opportunities
> 	* adding "filters" to Input and Output
> 	* simple computed fields for dtypes
> 	* accepting a Data-Type specification as a class or JSON file
> 	* work towards improving the dtype-addition mechanism
> 	* re-factoring of code so that it can compile with a C++ compiler and be minimally dependent on Python data-structures.  

That looks a pretty great heap of work -- it's great that you're going
to tackle it!

Here's one additional wishlist point:

- Add necessary hooks to the ufunc machinery, dot products, etc., so
  that the behavior of sparse matrices can be made nice.

Sparse matrices are pretty ubiquitous in many fields, but right now it
seems that there are dark corners in the interplay between dense and
sparse. This is a bit of a sticky API design problem though: what should
be done to make the ufunc machinery "subclassable"? Addressing this
could also resolve problems coming up with the `matrix` ndarray subclass.


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