[Numpy-discussion] Proposed Roadmap Overview

Sturla Molden sturla@molden...
Fri Feb 17 22:30:00 CST 2012

Den 18. feb. 2012 kl. 05:01 skrev Jason Grout <jason-sage@creativetrax.com>:

> On 2/17/12 9:54 PM, Sturla Molden wrote:
>> We would have to write a C++ programming tutorial that is based on Pyton knowledge instead of C knowledge.
> I personally would love such a thing.  It's been a while since I did 
> anything nontrivial on my own in C++.

One example: How do we code multiple return values?

In Python: 
- Return a tuple.

In C: 
- Use pointers (evilness)

In C++:
- Return a std::tuple, as you would in Python.
- Use references, as you would in Fortran or Pascal.
- Use pointers, as you would in C.

C++ textbooks always pick the last... 

I would show the first and the second method, and perhaps intentionally forget the last.


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