[Numpy-discussion] Proposed Roadmap Overview

Sturla Molden sturla@molden...
Sat Feb 18 16:17:20 CST 2012

Den 18.02.2012 22:25, skrev Benjamin Root:

> 2.) My personal preference is an incremental refactor over to C++ 
> using STL, however, I have to be realistic.  First, the exception 
> issue is problematic (unsolvable? I don't know). Second, one of 
> Numpy/Scipy's greatest strengths is the relative ease it has in 
> interfacing with BLAS, ATLAS, mkl and other optimizations.  Will this 
> still be possible from a C++ (or anything else) core?


> Third, I am only familiar with STL on gcc. Are there any subtle 
> differences in implementations of STL in MSVC or any other compilers.  
> Pointers are hard to mess up, in cross-platform ways.

NumPy should stay with the standard, whether C or C++, ans not be 
written for one particular compiler.

Writing code that depends on a set of known bugs in one implementation 
is why IE6 almost broke the internet.

> 3.) Will memory-mapped arrays still be possible after the refactor?  I 
> am not familiar with the implementation, but I am a big netcdf/hdf 
> user and mem-mapped arrays are important to me.

Yes, that depends on the operating system, not the programming language.


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